Visualization technology is one of the most popular cutting-edge technologies. The application of visualization technology in the construction field will bring new thinking mode and workflow to the real estate industry. TIANHUA Visualization Research Center is a pioneer in the field of architectural visualization technology committed to providing visualization technology solutions for the construction industry. TIANHUA uses 1:1 virtual construction to empower design concept expression, design verification, design decision-making and project management.

Visualization Technologies Research of TIANHUA is positioned as a vertical market segment in the real estate market and design performance field including VR, AR and other visualization technologies. It is committed to providing high-quality visual products and services by combining the emerging technology means and the group's leading architectural aesthetic expression experience in the industry, focusing on solving the needs of the industry and reforming the existing expression mode.

Relying on TIANHUA group's comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, TIANHUA can grasp the needs of the industry most accurately, and put forward innovative working mode and efficient solutions in each link, so as to help improve the work efficiency of the whole industry.